A mother finds herself sinking into a domestic violent relationship, until an influx of emotions is awakened within her.

‘Influx’ is a poetic short film that sinks into the themes of domestic violence, alcoholism, and love. Inspired by Leslie Morgan Steiner TED talk: ‘Why domestic violence victims don’t leave’. And by the countless stories of mothers trapped in abusive relationships and the power of love for their children.

Director’s Statement

The inspiration behind this film came after watching Leslie Morgan Steiner’s TED talk, ‘Why domestic violence victims don’t leave’. Where I was completely immersed in how she described how difficult it is for some domestic violence victims to leave their abuser because of the love and loyalty they have for them and the hope that they will change.

From this emotional perspective, I started to craft a poem and a short film that would aim to capture what it’s like to be trapped in a situation like this, and how important it is to listen to yourself and acknowledge the facts about the vicious cycle you are in. The idea of using a metaphor through the whiskey glass as an influx of emotions came from here, as I wanted to weave a storyline that would capture the realization forming within her. Simultaneously, it was important for me to portray how she came to terms with the fact that her husband wasn’t going to change his abusive behavior and because of that, the need for her to escape with their daughter. And I approached this by filming key moments that narrated this progression as they played out in their home.

My goal with this film is to spark conversation and connect with those that find themselves in unhealthy domestic relationships. Given the current situation with the virus lockdown and recent rise in domestic abuse and alcoholism, the importance of having a dialogue with audiences regarding domestic violence is necessary.