It is cold an wet. Vincent is on his own now. He is seeking revenge on those how turned his life around, but he has to decide how far he is willing to go.

Director’s Statement

When reading the book Eating Animals, published in 2009, by Jonathan Safran Foer I stumbled upon the statement that there is scientific consensus that new viruses, which move between animals and humans, will be a major global threat into the foreseeable future. According to the WHO the “World is ill-prepared for ‘inevitable’ flu pandemic“.

That statement stayed in my head for quite a while. After reading even more on this topic I began writing different drafts for a short film. But one draft after another the virus theme shifted more and more towards the backstory of the film. I realized that I need to make it more about the characters and less about the virus. That was my biggest takeaway from this project, back then.

Before I did this short, the swine flue was all over the news and then the Ebola outbreak and MERS a couple years later, which where scary and tragic, but humanity managed quite well. So I had the feeling that we are not “ill-prepared” anymore. But little did I know, because then came COVID-19.


We were shooting the film in beginning of December, at first the apocalyptic scenes, three days, and then the flashbacks, two days. At the beginning the weather was more like autumn, and this is what it looks like in scene one. On the second day it was snowing all of a sudden, but that was okay for the scene we were shooting. It all melted away again pretty quickly, so on the third day we had autumn weather again and everything was going according to plan, so I thought. We were half way through until the first snow flakes started to fall and after 20 minutes it was all covered in white. We were freaking out. Because the scene was not finished and we wouldn’t have enough time to re shoot half a day. We were banging our heads together and came up with the idea of splitting the scenes in two parts, separated with a flashback. I was so pissed at the weather that day, but in the end I am very glad it snowed, because it just adds so much more atmosphere in the final scene. Thank you weather God!