In the final days leading up to the annual Adult Male Softball League’s semi-regional championship, star underhand pitcher and conflicted father, Lawrence, takes a call from his son Jonas, a twelve-year-old physics prodigy. His adult teammates bully him relentlessly and Lawrence is embarrassed – he can’t say the words, “I love you, son,” in front of his teammates. Lawrence returns home, blowing past Jonas in a pubescent-style break-down. Jonas, fortunately, is an understanding – if not fatherly son – who reminds his dad that it’s not the words that matter, but his actions. Feeling invigorated by the love of his son, Lawrence heroically quits his adult male softball team, and dashes home to finally say those fateful words…but when he gets home, he’s in for a shocking surprise.

Director’s Vision

“I Love You Son” is a comedic, character-driven short that pokes fun at the gender role reversal between a father and a son. To showcase the insecurity inherent in male relationships, we lowered the stakes of the storyline but kept the same intensity of the likes of Saving Private Ryan or Braveheart. It’s like Friday Night Lights but with….adults. The most important elements of this short were the performances and music; our composer elevated the themes of our film by scoring dramatic, cinematic music over the team quibbling about the semantics of their adult male softball league. “I Love You Son” is silly, lovable and most importantly, teaches you to pay attention to your kid if they’re passing advanced physics as a twelve year old.