A man living in his car takes a filmmaker into the woods to share a dark secret.

Director’s Vision

We madea a gut-wrenching new film to raise awareness of gay conversion therapy. Gay conversion therapy is still legal in the UK and in over 100 other countries around the world. LGBTQIA+ people are 8.4 times more likely to attempt suicide or develop mental health issues due to family rejection. We want to shed a light on these damaging truths, in a hard-hitting, deeply engaging manner.

We would like this film to resonate with people, change their perspective on the issue, and fight to make a change. It follows the story of a conversion therapy survivor and is available to watch on Youtube.

We made this film during lockdown with only a two-man crew (Blake and Shu) on location in the forest, adhering to Covid guidelines and respecting social distancing. It was shot 3 days over 2 weeks in England (Bournemouth, Hainault and Barnet).