The video is a music clip entirely made in clay animation (stop motion) by Milan based artist Gaia Alari, in collaboration with London based artist and musician Crøm-Lus (Poppy Edwards , The clip is an auto produced, low budget experimental artistic animation, that aims to visually represent a journey within altered states of mind, through surreal imagery molded frame by frame with soft clay only, connecting a very simple and childlike technique to non-linear, deep and at times dark atmospheres created by music and imagery all together. The video is part of a more complex artistic project, Crøm-Lus debut album, whose goal is to dwelve within abstraction, addressing out of body. Gaia Alari was chosen to design and direct the clip for “Here Come” , song that is about “over medicalization of epilepsy, and how drugs can change a person instead of always helping the condition” (Crøm-Lus)

Director’s Statement

I usually use claymation in a more narrative way, and being able to focus on molding non-linear images, as the music by Crom-Lus required, has been a challenge.

This video builds on my personal interpretation of the song that is about experiencing epilepsy, specifically focusing on the out of body sensations, slow distorted visuals and feelings that an individual gets before a seizure, and the subsequent over medicalisation of the condition.

In this case, I researched for symbols that could evoke an idea of transience (the moths), change (the chameleon) and passivity (hands).
The background is minimal, the lightings are dramatic and the subject, standing frontally, is only half aware of what is happening and undergoes the occurrences with a lack of participation, while being at the same time the only protagonist.

The peculiarity of this animation is that I treated the clay as raw material, constantly moulding it scene after scene: I was interested in conveying the idea that everything happens within the flesh and the mind of a single character in its most vulnerable moments.