A father living in war-torn Iraq protects his daughter from violent fanatics, using the innocent game of hide-and-seek. GRACE tells the story of a 12 year old Assyrian/Chaldean girl who’s family is struggling to make a decision – do they leave or do they stay? The short film explores this conundrum and explores the relationship between father and daughter.

GRACE is inspired by a true story.

Director’s Vision for ‘Grace’

This film follows a young girl who’s father wants to live in peace and provide a safe future for his daughter. I know this story because my family has lived it. However, this particular story is based on my cousin who lived in Mosul. We’re telling a beautiful story about a relationship between daughter and father in the smallest nuances. ’Grace’ is a film about the emotional weight a parent carries told through the lens of a young girl. I hope that telling this story shines a light on the many atrocities that occured in Mosul, that forever impacted the Assyrians/Chaldeans and minorities in Iraq.