Inspired by true events. Geeta has been brought to the United States as domestic worker by an Indian couple with the promises of giving her the American Dream. After moving to America, the new environment surpasses her ideal because of her poor socio-economic upbringing. However it is not long until Geeta slowly realizes that although she is in the land of opportunity, her financial, personal and social freedoms are slowly being taken away from her new life.

There are no obvious signs of violence in this modern day household, but Geeta is enslaved by mental abuse. As a result, she has to make a choice of whether she should go back to India and accept the life engrossed with poverty or stay in the US in this beautiful cage?

Directors Statement

In today’s age, slavery has taken different forms. When someone’s life is controlled by an exploiter to an extent that the victim doesn’t have free choice or will to leave or escape the situation, they are essentially enslaved. Today slavery is less about people literally owning other people – although that still exists – but more about being exploited and completely controlled by someone else

It was important for me to portray slavery different than what it has been portrayed through media, films or other images until now. Having exploiters belong to the same community was an important decision for me. It underlines the fact that the class and the cast hierarchy exists within the minority communities as well.

Today, 20-30 million people around the world are trapped in the modern-day slavery and through this film, I sincerely want to shed light and raise awareness on the complexity of this deadly issue.