When his younger brother loses a fight, a teenage boy tries to teach his little brother about manhood, only to face an event that threatens to shatter their world altogether.

Director’s Statement

Figueroa granted me the opportunity to highlight the sacrifices my parents made for my sibling and I, sacrifices we often took for granted. My parents left everything behind to give us a better life. I grew up not knowing I was undocumented. It was only when applying to college that my parents explained our legal status to me and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Fortunately my parents had begun the long and costly process of becoming permanent residents. Unfortunately, not all stories end like mine. Especially in today’s climate. I often think “What if?” “Where would I be?” and this is my attempt to reconcile those feelings, explore the promise of the American Dream and bring to the spotlight the intricacies of people living in the shadows and often forgotten.