Best Picks of The Month

The overflow of thoughts and feelings of a woman who is – perhaps – myself.
The inner journey is always a door to an epiphany or madness.

During the social distance period, due to the pandemic (this crazy moment of our whole world!) many thoughts and feelings visited me and I found myself questioning my existence and how I had been enjoying the opportunity of being alive. I also realized many people were going thru something very similar (what, in my perception, could be a huge chance for the humanity to evolve) and I fear we forget it all as soon as life gets back on the old track and the virus is controlled. I believe it was a chance to carefully watch ourselves, to taste the sensation of how empty and alone we can feel when in silence, when in contact with our very pure existence and nothing else.

So, this short is my reminder of how was to be alive in São Paulo, Brazil, during the year of 2020.
Was it a call? Are we going to honor it and take responsibility for the life we are living or are we going to ignore it in the rush of hours, money and greed?

Director’s Vision

Well, it all started as an attempt to give flow to my very intense feelings and thoughts at that point. I was finding myself so overwhelmed by the pandemic and the world situation (not only the virus itself, but also so many social issues that were latent and I knew would last for so long causing so many suffering).

It was May 2020, we were locked inside our homes (if you are privileged enough to have a home), the whole world was resonating in vibrations of fear, lost and death. People were worried about their health, about losing their jobs, their loved ones, worried about having food to eat.

It is part of me trying to learn with every single step of the path. I was feeling challenged by my mood, but I realized I was not alone in this emotional status and also that this very uncomfortable context could drive us to some kind of evolution as human beings and humanity as a whole. I wanted to eternize in certain way those feelings so I (and anybody else) would have access to this latter in life.

I was lucky enough to have an amazing talented crew willing to do this with me and trusting me. They really put a lot of effort and sensibility into this work. It was not only about producing a film, but about deep and powerful ideas and perceptions exchanges. They were very generous, they went beyond berries and beyond their own department responsibilities to make it happen. And I couldn’t be more grateful.