A man tries to do his laundry, but comes across an unexpected obstacle.

DAY ONE is a cautionary tale that explores artificial intelligence.

Director’s Statement

This film was made for the SCI-FI London 48 hour film competition where they require you to make a film based off a film title, line of dialogue and action/prop, within 2 days. Being at the mercy of the 48 hours was ironically a liberating experience that allowed us to ride a creative wave from conception all the way to post-production. The dynamics to making a film with such a quick turnaround force you into a creative flow with the whole cast/crew synergising to make it happen as opposed to the normal production process.

Our film is a cautionary tale on the dangers of artificial intelligence outsmarting us in the future. While the intention isn’t to criticize automation, we wanted to raise awareness on the impact it can have on us. We’ve all been in a situation where we want to bypass the automated customer services and speak directly to an agent on the phone or when a virtual assistant like Siri misinterprets us. The short film was a heightened reality of those situations to warn us where we could end up if we aren’t careful with technology.