A coming of age drama about manhood and seeing the truth of one’s being. Through the tumultuous relationship with his younger brother, a loving yet broken young man begins to understand the troubled past that was ruining his life and has a chance to end a generational cycle of abuse.

Director’s Vision

This film is based on numerous true stories from the Indian American community in my area as well as my own personal experiences. I wanted to make this film because the physical and psychological mistreatment of youth by their families has been a prevalent issue in South Asian communities for ages. We all subconsciously accept that it happens but most of us never consciously attempt to analyze the situation in order to better understand why. Many of the kids that grow up these types of environments unknowingly carry the negative psychological and behavioral patterns that resulted from such an upbringing throughout their lives, inevitably passing them onto the next generation. Luckily, when I was in a similar situation, I was able to understand that I was simply part of a negative unconscious cycle and was bringing down others with me. From looking into our past to understand, learn, and forgive, I as well as some others close to me were able to overcome the negative aspects of such a situation and turn them into positive qualities to become better versions of ourselves. We realized that this cycle exists in our culture as well as many others due to a lack of self awareness, a deeper connection, and acceptance. I want this film to be an opportunity for introspection to those who have witnessed or experienced such cycles in their own lives.