After being asked to be “Maid” of Honor for his sister and throw the bachelorette party, Johnny, a goofy alpha male out of money and out of options turns to the only guys he knows he can afford…Mexican day laborers.

Featuring Danny Trejo (Machete and From Dusk ‘Til Dawin) in a role unlike any other.

Director’s Statement

Bridesman is such a personal story to me about my struggles with understanding what it means to be a man and how my original unwarranted disdain for my brother in law helped to teach me the meaning of really truly loving your family. It was such an amazing experience from beginning to end and I am so proud of the family atmosphere that we created on set and I truly feel that the love, community and fun comes through onscreen. I’m so proud to be a small part in helping to elevate the present day Latino experience as the modern American family.