This beautiful dance film is an exploration of the ups and downs of the creative process and is the fruit of director Charlie Clift’s close collaboration with Bafta Breakthrough composer Segun Akinola and choreographer Demi Rox.

Rox cuts a lone figure against the austere dunes as she combines hip-hop, freestyle, and classical dance to Akinola’s cello score written for the film. She begins calm and collected, flowing over the dunes to deep and haunting harmonies, then dives into an excited rage, before finishing on uplifting notes of fragile hope.

Directors Vision

This film is about determination. It’s a tribute to the incredible creatives I’ve had a chance to cross paths with,” says director and photographer Charlie Clift. “Bringing a project to life is frequently a journey of many twists and turns. You might start up-beat and self-assured, but you’re guaranteed to get overwhelmed by self doubt at some point. I created this film to explore those emotions – dance and music seemed the perfect way to show that. From the start I wanted it to be deeply collaborative. It was a real joy working with composer Segun Akinola, who wrote a beautiful and expressive cello solo in response to my story, and then the choreographer Demi Rox interpreted that into such an awesome performance. I feel being creative is a kind of endless hunger – despite the emotional ups and downs most of us still come back for more.