A dance film set in the northside neighborhoods of Chicago, BADDIE examines Tris as she navigates her self-worth. Despite her closest friends trying to make her feel a part of their group, she dissociates and falls further into her cycle of self-deprecation and isolation. From being an on-call therapist for others to breaking down outside of Town Hall, Tris’ inner flux between the truth and her perception of things reminds us that sometimes we must limp in before we can leap out. Through underpass adventures, dancing with her closest friends and crying on the CTA, Tris comes to discover what she needs to break the cycle.

Director’s Statement

How do our perceived hurts match with reality? Oftentimes they don’t, they’re a version of it that makes sense to us because we’re experiencing them and it’s hard to bridge that divide especially if you’re not surrounded by people with the emotional acumen to pull you from the brink of self-isolation. But, when you are surrounded by people that can? It’s magic. I chose to title this film BADDIE because it takes a rare kind of fearlessness to admit to the people closest to you that you don’t feel loved by them. That you aren’t emotionally fulfilled within the connections you’re in and that you’re looking for a way to fix that. In BADDIE specifically I wanted to explore the dissonance between how we may perceive that others don’t love us versus the reality that they’re trying, just in their way. It’s a badass thing to be so emotionally raw and vulnerable with people because in that rawness exists an objective truth that no amount of perception can contort or manipulate: it just is what it is. And what it is, is pure poetry. While feelings aren’t the truth, they are true in their influence and hold weight that can sometimes be too much for someone to carry alone. Despite the challenges and obstacles I’ve faced with this film I’m so grateful for the team involved in making it come together. With everything in place we were able to craft an honest story about vulnerability being our most powerful tool.