Auto Stop is based on the theatrical novel of the Franco/Romanian author Matéi Visniec.

Surrounded by a surrealistic desert, a young woman and a man are hitchhiking. She goes one way, he decides to follow her. The cars go by without stopping. The girl speaks little, the man talks a lot. He finally proposes to the young woman to make love.

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Director’s Vision for ‘Auto Stop’

Two years ago, Alexandra gave me to read Auto-stop, which she had discovered in Matéi Visniec play Attention aux vieilles dames rongées par la solitude. I immediatly loved it and together with Alexandra and Etienne we decided to shot the movie in one afternoon near Paris, during sunset. Later, we shared the film with the author Matei Visniec who was really happy to discover it.
The incommunicability between human beings is what attracted me in Matéi Visniec’s theatrical dialogue. The characters talk without understanding each other. They meet without really seeing each other.

Director Laure ATANASYAN
Based on « Auto Stop » by Matéi Visniec
From the theatrical novel « Attention aux vieilles dames rongées par la solitude »
With Alexandra GENTIL & Etienne TOQUÉ
Director of Photography Etienne FU LE SAULNIER
First Assistant Camera Léo GUÉRINONI
Sound engineer Boris BALDUCCI
Editor Laure ATANASYAN
Sound Mixing Benjamin JAUSSAUD
Color Grading Etienne FU LE SAULNIER
Poster by Thiébaud CHOTIN