Carla, aged 26 (but FEELS more like 25) is ready to get back out into the world, after a harrowing breakup with a man named Carl. Through trials and tribulations, and the occasional calming ASMR video, she manages to find a strategy in tackling the curveballs that come with modern heartbreak.

Director’s Vision

This was a story I began writing when I was 22. I tucked it away for a long time, in a pile with other unfinished ideas and projects, and when I found it years later, I realized how pure and genuine and naive the experience of loving and recovering from our first tragedies can be. I wanted to be able to laugh with my younger self and really sink my teeth into the melodrama. What made it especially fun was to do it with virtually one actor, who had little to nothing to react to, other than the hyperactive narration of her character’s mind.

My hope with this film has always been to stay true to my creative voice and my persona, and find ways of making life’s failures colourful, chuckle worthy, and accessible to anyone.