When an inspector from the Department of Labor shows up at her doorstep, a foreman at a machine shop must keep the business running while protecting her workers’ interests. But she soon realizes she may not be able to do both.

Director’s Statement

Growing up in one of Brazil’s poorest states, I witnessed the challenges and hurdles of blue-collar life. I grew to see the world of businesses struggling to stay afloat. Of managers weighting the well-being of their employees against that of their businesses.

My growth as a filmmakers happened concurrently with my growth as a person, and the difficult moral dilemmas that were happening around me unavoidably shaped my worldview. And I grew particularly in awe of the dignity and resilience with which each of these workers tackled the difficulties life hurled at them. I saw a lot of beauty and humanity in ugly places, and those images never left me.

Those workers were not deciding the fate of the world. But they were very often deciding the fate of *their* world. And they deserve to have their stories told with honesty and sincerity.

“A Foreman” is a film to those people.