The main subject deals with the reflection of how to create ideas and find inspiration for creative people. In a world with daily software updates and tight project deadlines the actual creative aspect is sometimes missing out.

Director’s Notes

A DESIGNER’S DREAM is my MA graduation project at the HS Mainz.

The truth is that you need an innovative concept if you want to create something that isn‘t like the common daily stuff. Normally it’s not only technical skills that you need.

But if you’re working in the creative industry it’s not uncommon that in some moments – e.g. when you’re running out of time and ideas and you feel like reaching your personal limit – one question is popping up in your head: Where can I get new ideas?

This film doesn’t present an answer. But it can give some kind of advice. It deals with the thought, that everything that surrounds you every day, may it be the architecture of the city you live in, the surroundings of your smartphone, TV or any other multimedia content, strangers or people you like to exchange thoughts with, can be used for your inspiration and trigger your imagination. You just have to keep your eyes open all the time.