A Brooklynite is unexpectedly transported from his Prospect Heights neighborhood to a vibrant bucolic landscape inhabited with characters leading him into an idyllic journey of discovery and wonderment.

The first of an experimental film trilogy by fashion designer Nigel Moore “10/6” features pieces from JNIGEL S/S II collection.

JNIGEL’s Statement

I created “10/6” as visual supplement the S/S II for my JNIGEL ready to wear collection. Initially, the lush, bucolic landscape of upstate New York was my inspiration for the film. I connected and was inspired by Alice’s journey of self-discovery after plunging down the rabbit hole. I evisioned a silent film where location(s) is an essential character that drives the narrative of the story. I wanted to experiment with creating “sets” and playing with space in an open, rural setting. We were able to accomplish this in a two day shoot by filming at or near our home in Charlotteville, NY. We had a great team of creatives attached project and the final result exceeded everyone involved expectations.

Billy Nawrocki’s Vision

I was honored to be trusted with directing this short film, especially as someone who had never made a fashion film (and mostly works in horror!) But in a way, it was a match made in heaven: both genres and styles are at their strongest when the story is told visually, and not through extensive dialigue. As director and editor, I wanted to steer away from what people expect from fashion films, especially the criticisms: too self important, forgettable, and overly cut, while staying close to the vision JNigel set out to present.