When the last man on Earth receives a mysterious transmission, he learns that while the world ends, love doesn’t.

Starring Drew Van Acker and Dichen Lachman, WEBCAM follows James, a distraught man who thinks himself alone amidst the aftermath of our world’s downfall in the not-so-distant future. He lives a solitary life within a sealed bunker, high above what remains of London, taking refuge from the ravages of a world run amok. James’ only companion is a small artificially intelligent camera drone named WebCam, ironically without purpose in a world with no one left alive with whom to communicate. Forlorn and losing sight of his reason to continue living, James prepares to make the ultimate sacrifice…until at the last second, WebCam receives a signal for an incoming transmission. There’s somebody else out there…who will change James’ life, and the fate of humanity, forever.

WEBCAM is a 10-minute short film with an exciting new take on the post-apocalypse genre that will show that even after the world crumbles, there will still be hope. Once completed, this short will serve as the basis for a full-length version of the story. While we have already completed production on the short, your contributions will allow us to add the vital visual effects, sound design, and a soundtrack so we can use the finished piece as a pitching tool to attract Hollywood talent, producers, and distributors to make a spectacular feature film with high-end production values and international appeal that can fully explore James’ dangerous future.

By contrasting the stark, sweeping visuals of a world overrun with destruction against one man’s drive to overcome impossible odds and reunite with what remains of humanity, we hope to bring a new uplifting spin to the beloved dystopic genre. Using a mixture of practical sets and state of the art computer animation, we will simultaneously pay tribute to such epic sci-fi films as I AM LEGEND, THE MATRIX and OBLIVION as well as to such optimistic and inspirational survival tales as CAST AWAY and LIFE OF PI to create a story with a new and unique tone.