Wash Club

Wash Club is the true story of an aspiring journalist who accidentally becomes the ringleader of a death cult.

Wash Club is the strange but true story of one man’s struggle to uncover a secret society of students who get into tumble driers for fun. Doug is an undergrad journalist who sees this strange subculture as an opportunity to kickstart his career – so he investigates. But the deeper he digs, the bigger the mystery becomes. Before long, Doug finds himself at the centre of the very cult he was supposed to be investigating. Doug has to decide just how far he is willing to go for the sake of a good story.

A satirical thriller, peppered with dark humour. After this short film you’ll never think of a laundrette in the same way again!

We want you to join Wash Club!

To bring the story of Wash Club to the big screen we need your help, we need you to sign up! Become an official Wash Club member with badge and certification by pledging £15 or more to our tumbling cause. (You do not need to take a spin in a tumble drier to become a member, and please do not attempt to do so!) We don’t just want you to help us make this film, but we want you to be a proud member of Wash Club and follow us on the film’s entire journey.

Not sure if you want to sign up? Then hear the original true story of Wash Club on Ross Sutherland’s Imaginary Advice podcast here: Are you a member of Wash Club?

The podcast is the reason we wanted to make the short, and with Ross writing the script too you can’t get a better example of what we want the film to be.