The Secret of Pin-Up Island

“The Secret of Pin-Up Island” is not only a film about a young girl who is trying to solve her past issues. It’s a film about us, the people. “The Secret of Pin-Up Island” is a journey through the emotions that define our personalities which we often hide, either because we are afraid of them or because we do not want to recognize them.

Never look for the cause of the problem! Focus on the solution!

We’ve started 2 years ago when Alecs Nastoiu (me), the director of The Secret of Pin-Up Island shot a music video in the ‘Azo Mures’ abandoned factory. I liked the location so much that I wanted to use it as an environment for a feature film. First idea when you see this factory surely is to write a script for a zombie movie. It’s an abandoned factory with a lot of untouched rooms and objects. The feeling when you first get there is that a virus killed all workers and the place is now in quarantine. The more interesting thing is that this factory had been producing film for photo and movie cameras. It was closed in 2004 when digital age has started to grow. So in my mind this film should have been done with any cost.