A dark comedy short film. When fitting in at school goes horribly wrong.

Teachers is a short film being produced by a crew of current Old Dominion University students and alum. Christy Stevens is the writer and director of photography, Jake Brinn is the director, and I, Steven Crocker, am the producer. Christy, Jake, and I – or as our friends call us, the A Team – have worked together on many different projects. From music videos to short films, we’ve’ve done it all. This time, we are looking to raise $4,500 to fund a short that we feel has the potential to bring back several festival accolades to Hampton Roads.

The film is about a young, new high school teacher named Joey, who in an attempt to fit in with his elder colleagues, gets caught up in their after-school gambling ring and bets a huge amount of money on the SuperBowl. It isn’t until his girlfriend, Liz, tells Joey about some of the things she’s read about Tom Brady’s personal life that he realizes the mistake he made. Joey and Liz rush to the school that night to try and convince the older teachers to cancel the bet, but things quickly go south.