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A lone soldier has crash-landed on a barren planet; her damaged AI spacesuit is her only companion and means for survival. As solitude grows and systems break down, artificial and human intelligence must come together to fight for survival and identify between the real and the imaginary.

Alya, the soldier inside the suit, experienced earth life as a child and lived through its demise (and eventual combustion), surrounded by war, greed, and famine. Her family sacrificed themselves for her survival and ascension into space, to work towards saving what was left of humanity. Though she has developed this strong exterior, she is broken within, fragile and craving the things that make us human – connection, warmth, comfort, taste – the senses that would allow her to enjoy what’s left of life. She hopes to regain purpose she has lost over time in space and to give her back the strength she once had to continue fighting for humanity and making the sacrifice worthwhile. The mission to find safety and life pushes her to the absolute limits, where she searches deep within herself to reconnect to her consciousness and remind herself of what it is to be human. Throughout the film, we are shown she is dead within the suit, where the suit is replaying memories of her, associating them to actions and reactions and mimicking those in order to understand her better. As obstacles are faced, and new lessons learned, we slowly understand the way that AI interprets and processes information.

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