A stop-motion short film about a robot whose best friend is a plant.

Planted is a stop-motion short film about a robot whose best friend is a plant. It currently exists in sketches, storyboards, a couple of puppets, and a whole lot of ideas. The goal is to turn these pieces into a short film, approximately 15 minutes long.

Elliot likes to think of himself as a large shaggy dog, lapping at a bowl of Bellocq Earle Grey tea in the entirely black & white home of a Swedish design blogger. He has always been enthralled with technology. As a young kid, he used to take trips to the dump in order to find things to take apart. This has allowed him to amass a plethora of random “bits-and-bops” (the technical term) which he uses to put together puppets and sculptures. Both his mother and grandmother make miniatures and dolls, making Elliot a third generation miniaturist. He is proud to continue the tradition in new directions.

Elliot Goldman is an artist, animator, sculptor, musician, and jellyfish from Holliston, Massachusetts. Before deciding to do animation full-time, he attended Sarah Lawrence College (in Bronxville, NY) and was an iPhone developer at companies such as IBM and Dash Labs. He has also been a production assistant for various productions including a TV pilot and Sony music video. His work includes video shot for an H&M sportswear segment and assistant video editing for a national American Eagle commercial shown in Times Square. He has done film and animation for a number of colleges, nonprofits, and individuals, and has continued his own creative work for years.

Musically, he has worked extensively as a composer, scoring a number of independent films, including all of the films he’s produced. His piece “Percussion for clarinet and piano” recently saw its world premiere at SUNY-Potsdam by the acclaimed clarinetist Cameron Hewes (whose playing will be featured in Planted). Elliot has also participated in a wide variety of music groups in the Boston area. He played at New England Conservatory for six years as a member of the Youth Philharmonic Orchestra and the Jr/Sr Wind Ensembles, including a tour of Germany and Austria. Elliot has also performed with the Baroque Chamber Orchestra and the Boston Youth Ballet orchestra at the Boston Opera House, Y.S.O.