¡Hola, Paulina!

¡Hola, Paulina! is an anti-Trump, satirical, spoof telenovela. The eleven-part series is based in a world where President Trump’s wall has been built and follows the life of Paulina, a failed pop star from Hanwéll deported back to her hometown by her ex-lover… President Trump.

When she arrives home her oldest friend, Margarita, informs her that her Mother has died in mysterious circumstances and that her brother is the sole heir to her father’s inheritance. Gabriel and her sister, Maria, appear to have gotten very close during her absence and she doesn’t know who to trust. Luckily, her local priest, Padre Santiago is on hand to offer help.

Things don’t stay calm for very long however and soon Paulina’s past catches up with her. Her ex-business partner is out for revenge and after his money. Her ex-husband the infamous drug lord ‘El Castor’ is out to get her back, a strange man called “Vladejandro” appears trying to exact information about Trump and her oldest friend might not be all that she seems…

Paulina just wanted to live the American dream but now she must take responsibility for her past and face what being from Hanwéll really means.