Forget Me Not

A mysterious girl strikes up an unexpected friendship with a forlorn homeless man to bring peace to her grieving family at Christmas.

Forget Me Not is a fantastical tale, where a mysterious, lost little girl strikes up an unexpected friendship with a forlorn, homeless man, in the hope of bringing peace to her family in time for Christmas.

Set in the present day, Forget Me Not is a live action drama with a nod to the supernatural. It’s written and directed by Nick Goulden.

It’s a story about love, loss, hope and finding peace told in Nick’s unique way. It’s a story which all of us can relate to, reminding us not just to think of others and to do good for those who are in need, but that all of us need help from time to time.

It’s a cold December in the run up to Christmas. Under a Brutalist flyover at a busy junction, people hurry on their way from somewhere else to somewhere else…

Somehow stuck there is a little girl and a homeless man. A third character is a kind-hearted man, who buys the homeless man coffee on his way to work every morning. Forget Me Not is the story of how these three people, all in their own way lost and without hope, struggle to make sense of their lives and find their way.

We discover that the girl is desperate to get something important done by Christmas Day, and the only person who can help her is a homeless man who otherwise takes no interest in anything. Before he can help her, she must help him reconnect with a world he has abandoned. But how can she succeed, and will it be in time to bring comfort to those she is trying to help?

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