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Crowdfunding Picks We Dig | Break

A short film about youth and race in the suburbs. Two teenagers find more than they are looking for when they break into an abandoned house. Harmless thrill seeking and flirtation escalate quickly into a conflict with a local contractor, leaving the young couple disillusioned. BREAK is inspired by my[…]

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Crowdfunding We Dig | Linden Tar

This is the story about overcoming your fears and realizing you don’t have to do everything by yourself. Linden Tar is a stop-motion animated movie short with overall running time of 5 minutes. This is the story about overcoming your fears and realizing you don’t have to do everything by[…]

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Crowfunding Picks We Dig | Midwife

Midwife is an audacious, dark female psychological drama in the vein of Children of Men, Ida, and the literature of Margaret Atwood. It’s about a woman named Tess who works as a clinical psychologist at a detention center. Our camera follows her as she makes her rounds to different inmates[…]

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Here Is Now | Crowdfunding Pick We Dig

HERE IS NOW is a story is about a couple, Jessica and Michael who have been married for 14 years. It is Jessica’s 42nd birthday and Michael has thrown her a surprise birthday party. Whilst immersed in the day of celebration, Jessica is confronted with the state of her marriage,[…]

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Inland | Crowdfunding Pick We Dig

In the future, overpopulation and climate change have crippled Earth’s resources. A fierce virus of unknown origin has infected millions of humans worldwide, causing them to turn into violent creatures with cannibalistic tendencies. Billions eventually succumbed to the consequences of deadly outbreak, and those unaffected by the mysterious virus faced[…]

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Thorn | Crowdfunding We Dig

THORN takes place in the future where giant alien objects have come down from space and lodged themselves in the Earth’s crust. The objects have created global catastrophe by changing the world and making it inhospitable to humans. Alien plants are spreading and choking out native plants, so humans can[…]

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Detrimental Decisions | Crowdfunding Picks We Dig

A dramatic film about Mathew, a young man who is reluctantly sucked into the Maple Grove Criminal Syndicate. A feature film directed by Montreal’s very own, Austin James Beauchamp & Kevin Woodhouse. This story was based off of a short film written by Austin James Beauchamp. Our production team has[…]

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Crowdfunding Picks We Dig

A man falls in love with a rabbit-like girl and discovers a strange world under his apartment. A dark fable about a man who falls in love with a rabbit-like girl and discovers a strange world under his apartment… Or is it just him, not wanting to grow up and[…]

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Soon You Will Be Gone | Crowdfunding Picks We Dig

A stylish, character-driven alien invasion film about a man who is chosen to leave and the woman who must fight to save him. We were wrong about how it would happen. When The Objects landed there was no war. No one was ripped into the sky. Certain people were invited,[…]

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Kam | Crowdfunding We Dig

A man in desperate need of love searches for a way to come out of his shell and find the one. Kam is about an overweight man looking for love and fighting against his own insecurities. He is stuck in his own life and mind and is terrified of interacting[…]

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