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Surveyor | Featured Short Film


1848. A government agent surveyor attempts to return home after surveying land on the western frontier As a 25 minute film, Surveyor might sound like it was conceived as a festival short, but its first submission was actually for Ridley Scott’s YouTube short film contest. After making the first cut,[…]

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Grow Up Already | Featured Short Film

Grow Up Already

After being dumped by his girlfriend, Andy realizes he’s got A LOT of growing up to do!

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After Thought | Featured Short Film

After Thought

A man finds himself in extraordinary circumstances after receiving a bill for his own funeral.

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Wait | Featured Short Film with Daniel Radcliffe


Daniel Radcliffe waits but what is approaching? Wait is a film about fear, a fear of the unknown. Starring Daniel Radcliffe, It’s a simple and pure film that follows a character waiting for an unseen event to occur which speaks of terror, loneliness, and fragility, it’s a very human narrative.[…]

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The Signal | Featured Short Film

The Signal

A new energy source, created to solve the world’s energy crisis, believed to have deadly side effects.

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Shot | Featured Short Film


Taylor and Brennan get along just fine despite relying on their unconventional relationship to fulfill their addictions.

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Alan Smithee | Featured Short Film

Alan Smithee

While Alan is surrounded by what is thought to be the American ideal, he learns that sometimes all we are is lost in the woods.

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Each Time Again | Featured Short Film

Each Time Again

As boy discovers a machine that wipes the slate clean and doesn’t hesitate to use it ritually throughout his life.

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Happy Meal Horror | Featured Short Film

Happy Meal Horror

A robot cow searches for its mother in a slaughter house, while being chased by a killer robot.

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