A Look Through the Most Memorable Quotes From A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story has had lasting power in the world of Christmas movies. There are many Christmas movies out there, but A Christmas Story is one of the few that people love to watch again and again every single Christmas. One of the reasons that people love A Christmas Story is because it has a variety of super-memorable quotes. Here are some of the most memorable quotes that you hear in the home from A Christmas Story.

The Bunny Suit: “A Deranged Easter Bunny”

One of the Christmas presents that Ralphie receives is from his overbearing Aunt Clara, who gives him a hot pink full-body bunny suit. Ralphie’s mom thinks he looks adorable, but both Ralphie and his father feel otherwise. In one of the more memorable quotes from the movie, Ralphie’s father expresses that he feels like Ralphie looks like “a deranged Easter bunny” in the bunny suit.

Malfunctioning Furnace: “Hanging in Space Over Lake Michigan”

One of the vignettes from the world of A Christmas Story has to do with a furnace in Ralphie’s home. The furnace is constantly malfunctioning, which leads to Ralphie’s father angrily trying to repair it all the time. On one unique occasion, the furnace starts spitting out soot all over the kitchen from the hot air duct. Ralphie’s father attempts to go down into the basement to figure out what’s going on, but he trips and falls on a pair of skates. Ralphie says that his profanity-laden rant “is still hanging in space over Lake Michigan.”

Little Orphan Annie Decoder: “Drink Your Ovaltine”

Ralphie loves the Little Orphan Annie radio show. He drinks gallons and gallons of Ovaltine to send away for a decoder so that he can decode the secret message at the end of every show. Now that he’s a member of the Little Orphan Annie Secret Society, he takes to decoding the message. However, he’s upset to find out that the decoded message is also just a commercial that states simply, “Drink your Ovaltine!”

Car Hubcap: “Queen Mother of All Dirty Words”

One of the most memorable scenes of the A Christmas Story vignettes happens when Ralphie tries to help his family with a flat tire that their car has just recently gotten. He attempts to help by holding some of the lug nuts, but at some point, he ends up dropping those lug nuts. The movie indicates that Ralphie says, “Oh, fudge!” but, as adult Ralphie points out, that’s not really what he said. In a phrase that people have mimicked for years, Ralphie explains, “Only I didn’t say ‘fudge.’ I said the queen mother of all dirty words.”

The Red Ryder BB Gun: “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out”

The main refrain of A Christmas Story centers around the Red Ryder BB gun, which Ralphie states is the only thing that he wants for Christmas. Ralphie’s friends and family state that they don’t think he’s ready to have a BB gun. They all express the idea, “You’ll shoot your eye out!”, often in a mocking sing-song tone that’s become an element of pop culture. In one scene later in the movie, Ralphie ricochets a BB pellet off his target, causing it to hit his glasses, and he wonders if he really has shot his eye out.


A Christmas Story has all sorts of super memorable quotes. It’s one of the reasons that it’s so well-known, even decades after its release. Even if you’ve never seen A Christmas Story, chances are that you can recall at least one of these quotes just from cultural osmosis, proving the importance of this movie in pop culture everywhere.