Beauty - Kickstarting Canada

Kickstarting Canada

Kickstarter has officially opened its doors to Canada! Now Canadian filmmakers, artists, musicians and gamers can kickstart their own projects from But their projects will not only be exclusive to Canada, they will be listing along side all the other projects on, and the mechanics and prices will[…]

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Daft Punk's Electroma

Daft Punk’s Electroma, Yes They Also Make Movies

Daft Punk’s Electroma You might know them as the robot masked DJ duo from the future, and with the release of their exciting new album Random Access Memories, we thought it would be great idea to feature their film, Daft Punk’s Electroma. That’s right, besides creating some of the world’s[…]

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Listen We’ve been following ornana since even before Film Shortage was online. They are the ones who brought us the explosive animation ‘(Notes On) Biology‘, which was one of the first films featured on our site – and was later picked in the top 10 shorts of 2012. Not long[…]

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Mickey Mouse Returns on Film Shortage

Mickey Mouse’s Return

Mickey Mouse and his friends are back! Disney has decided it is time to bring Micky back, after appearing in only 3 films since 1980. The popular mouse will star in a series of 19 – 2D animated short films that will roll out on the Disney Channel and[…]

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A Merry Short Christmas

A Merry Short Christmas!

We love themed short films, and Christmas is another special time where we gather together and watch our favorite valued short films! Today and and tomorrow we will post Christmas and Holiday themed films that YOU will send us to this page! Send us anything Holiday spirited that you, your[…]

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A Frankenstorm Halloween

The north-east might have been hit by monster hurricane Sandy this week. But what can be spookier than being stuck in your home while a monster is creeping up outside? Being stuck inside with a monster creeping up while watching Film Shortage’s creepy Halloween short film special can be!! We[…]

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There’s Something About Female Robots

I woke up this morning and watched two shorts back to back, although very different, they both had a very odd similar feature: female robots! And this is not the first time we see female robots/cyborgs, just over a month ago we featured a film with a cyborg-like wife getting[…]

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