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Dumb Luck

A shy teenager is the unlikely winner of a three million dollar lottery jackpot. While it seems like a lucky break at first, the money slowly but surely starts to cause more trouble than it’s worth.

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Breaking The Scene: Embers & Dust

Breaking The Scene: Embers & Dust – Musicbed’s 2016 Initiative Winner

Guest Post provided by Musicbed.com There are plenty of filmmakers exploring the burred line between fiction and reality, but far fewer explore a much more interesting phenomenon: fiction that creates reality. The most iconic example being Orson Welles’ 1938 radio broadcast, “War of the Worlds,” which became instantly legendary for[…]

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Shore Scripts - Short Film Fund

Submit Your Script For a Chance to Win a £5000 Grant

Getting your script into the hands of producers, managers, and agents is a huge stepping-stone for any writer. Shore Scripts is a UK based screenwriting competition that was set up to do just that. Shore Scripts goal is to discover new writing talent from around the world, and with their[…]

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The Phone Call | Oscar

The Phone Call | Oscar Winner

Congratulations to Mat Kirkby and James Lucas for their Oscar win for best Live Action Short. A woman working for a crisis center phone line receives a call from a suicidal older man. thephonecallfilm.com facebook.com/thephonecall twitter.com/thephonecall

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YouTube – Your Film Festival Winner: La Culpa (The Guilt)

Congratulations to David Victori from Spain for taking home the big prize and a chance to create an original film with Ridley Scott Your Film Festival is presented by YouTube and Emirates Airlines. Filmmakers were invited to submit their short films for the chance to win $500,000 to create original[…]

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