Meat || Daily Short Picks


Behind the closed doors of an elite boarding school, Matthews and his friends are cruising through life – but when a weekend joyride ends in disaster, he has to deal with the guilt that consumes him.

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I Am Your Friend || Short Film Trailer

I Am Your Friend

A friendship is put to the test when two teenage boys are left alone for the weekend. As the teenagers confront their neighborhood rivals, horseplay escalates to violence throwing their loyalty to one another into question.

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Daniel Munro || Short Film Trailer

Daniel Munro

One man’s journey of becoming the man he was intended to be, after his car breaks down in the desert and is forced to spend the weekend with a mysterious, wise old gentleman.

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Fast Hearts | Short Film Trailer on Film Shortage

Fast Hearts

“Fast Hearts” chronicles the impromptu romance between two women over the course of one weekend. instagram/fasthearts

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The Ramens

A father and son bond over ramen on a weekend hunting trip.

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Daily Short Picks | Weekend Warriors

Weekend Warriors

A laid back weekend in the Canadian part-time army turns serious when 3 cowardly soldiers receive an urgent distress call. Weekend Warriors is a military farce that mixes elements of comedy, drama, suspense, horror & psychological thriller. Imagine a Wes Anderson or Flight of the Conchords approach to the Canadian[…]

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The Trip

‘The Trip’ is a story about a young couple, Rose and James, who decide to get away for a weekend before their wedding. But beneath a veneer of seating plans and country strolls a dark secret lurks. As sinister events unfold in the present, the mysterious secret that appears to[…]

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Crowdfunding We Dig | Stye


BJ is a young boy desperate to win the attention of his father. Tacco is the father desperate to win the admiration of his son. Together, their attempts over the course of a weekend visitation will send them further into a world of crime that will ultimately bring devastating consequences.[…]

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Angelique arrives in the family house without being expected for the weekend. Her brother is there with his new girl friend. Immediately there is a tension between the two girls.

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The Weekend Shortlist: Without You


Let’s end our Weekend Shortlist with another romantic comedy. A short love story involving North London, boy, girl, robot thingy and a packed-lunch – What’s not to like?

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