Time Travel Lover | Featured Short Film

Time Travel Lover

He was his own worst enemies. If you just watched Interstellar, this might bring your reality sensors of what time travel might be back to normal. In fact we’re almost 100% certain that this is what would happen if some dude got his hands on a time traveling machine. ‘Time[…]

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A journey about love, transformation and eternity.

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Jacob’s Paradox

In one tragic night, Professor Jacob Matthews loses his wife…his everything. What he does to get her back will bring him the edge of madness. facebook.com/JacobsParadox twitter.com/JACOBSPARADOX kickstarter.com/projects/callmethemovie/jacobs-paradox-short-film plumstproductions.com

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The Alpha Invention

After applying an ingenious method to create artificial intelligence on his home computer, a reclusive programmer is contacted one rainy evening by a suspicious dealer looking to buy the technology from him. However, as the call progresses it becomes clear that neither man is who or what they claim to[…]

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A lonely man listens to radio static at night to help him sleep. His routine and his reality is shaken when he comes across a stranger doing the same thing. hustlemilk.com ofclouds.com

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Sneeze Freeze | Featured Short Film

Sneeze Freeze

Russians, Asians, Explosions & Cats: A Russian hitman gets challenged by an unusual enemy. Lots of independent artist cringe when they hear the word advertisement, but Gabriel Borgetto, a 3rd year directing student at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Germany, took the ad concept and turned it into a fun and explosive[…]

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Project Ego

Project:EGO serves as a template for a much bigger world. EGO is a virtual reality world reserved for the rich and powerful to upload their consciousness to in order to escape the ever growing deterioration of the real world. A man flagged as the most dangerous digital terrorist fights to[…]

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Les Yeux Mouvants

Tristan is a young reporter working for a local newspaper. One night he meets Manon, and falls in love. But the same night, Tristan encounters another mysterious brunette, crying amid a deserted street…

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Mouse-X | Featured Short Film


A man trapped in a building with a thousand clones of himself, begs the question ‘Who are you, if you’re not the only you?’ Brace yourself, Mouse-X is about to vigorously blow your mind, or at least attempt to bend it a little. In a narrative that has the main[…]

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Mastodon | Featured Short Film


Old memories and ghosts from the past resurface when John reluctantly agrees to help his now-alcoholic childhood friend. ‘Mastodon’ is a tightly rounded film that revolves around strong emotions and linking bonds between the past and present. The film is about three best friends who did everything together, getting into[…]

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