Untitled, L.A. // Daily Short Pick

Untitled, L.A.

In this relatable relationship drama, a recent art school graduate tests her own boundaries, as well as those of her older, more successful girlfriend. Visually lush, with smart, punchy dialogue, this film examines a relationship on the brink of changing forever.

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The Mess He Made// Featured Short Film

The Mess He Made

A man waits for the results of a Rapid HIV Test in a strip mall, trying to stay calm as his life hangs in the balance. An immensely powerful film, in a rather gently subtle tone. Director Matthew Puccini gets the personal aspect just right, sending shimmering vibes through the[…]

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Encore // Daily Short Picks


It’s the 1950’s in London’s premiere entertainment district, the west end. The vibe is high but London is only just getting back on its feet after the devastation of the World War 2 blitz. Frank, the Nightguard, diligently watches over the theatre in the small hours, burning the midnight oil[…]

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Umut // Short Film Trailer


Umut, a University student with some mental problems, wants to help a girl who has stepped on a spiky wood stick. He leaves his mental problems aside and decides to see this girl one more time. This will cause him to realize his psychological problems and change himself.

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Fleur // Daily Short Picks


In search of independence, a young woman rises up against the charismatic leader of the community which has welcomed her a few months ago.

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Changing of the Leaves // Daily Short Picks

Changing of the Leaves

A weary old woman seeks help around the house from a sweet neighborhood boy. Director’s Statement I wanted to capture a loaded moment, a meaningful vignette about a character in emotional crisis. Thus, I created Alma: a weary old woman who simply cannot move on. Though “Leaves” is only eight[…]

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The Auditor // Daily Short Picks


A man in a bar flirts with a woman who claims to invade the body of others to evaluate their life choices. What follows is a bizarre turn of events that exposes a hidden agenda and ends in a way that neither of them could have predicted. The Auditor is[…]

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The Last Time // Daily Short Picks

The Last Time

Ever​ ​tried​ ​to​ ​quit​ ​smoking?​ ​But​ ​then​ ​been​ ​unable​ ​to​ ​resist​ ​returning​ ​to​ ​that​ ​toxic​ ​(but​ ​tempting)​ ​relationship again?​ ​And​ ​again.​ ​And​ ​again.​ ​ A​ ​new​ ​short​ ​film,​ ​narrated​ ​by​ ​Charlotte​ ​Ritchie​ ​of​ ​​Fresh​ ​Meat​ ​​and​​ ​Call​ ​The​ ​Midwife​ ​​fame,​ ​captures​ ​​just​ ​​how​ ​hard it​ ​is​ ​for​ ​smokers​ ​to​ ​stub​[…]

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of_Angels // Daily Short Picks


When a young Czech woman moves to Los Angeles with hopes of becoming an actress, the result strays far from her and her brother’s expectations. Director’s Statement Sometimes, a film not meant to be personal is the most personal film of all.

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