Graveyard Girl

A grieving teenage girl finds hope and the strength to heal after a chance encounter with a young man suffering from a loss of his own. “One moment…one chance encounter…changes everything”.

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Carolina Parakeet | Daily Short Picks

Carolina Parakeet

A couple running for survival from the undead find temporary shelter in the company of a newly retired schoolteacher who has a unique perspective on human nature and a grim prognosis for mankind. See the creepy as hell trailer for AJ’s next film: The Smiling Man[…]

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The Great Champ Fernley

Lawrence ‘Champ’ Fernley is a 13-year-old boy who lives in his own world free of the sorts of social pressures kids normally have at his age. While his friends struggle with girls, school and adolescence, Lawrence is obsessed with planets, aliens and all things science fiction. One night Lawrence wakes[…]

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The Man of Death

A former hitman encounters with Death in an ultimate attempt to save his daughter’s life.

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Former Things | Featured Short Film

Former Things

Alex, a travel-worn survivor in a desolate post-apocalyptic world, returns to his childhood home to find not only artifacts of his youth, but also the plague-ridden body of his recently deceased father. Welcome back Nicholas Payne Santos & Adam R. Brown with another exquisite short. Once again set in the[…]

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Blue Borsalino | Short Trailer

Blue Borsalino

Blue Borsalino is a short film noir Starring David Warner (Titanic, The Omen) and Margot Leicester. When his first and only client wakes from a coma, a retired private investigator reveals a secret that has cast a shadow over his life for close to fifty years.

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Daily Short Picks | Fingers


In the murky underworld of 1960s London a family fight to re-establish order following the death of a patriarch. Inspired by the story of Salome and the beheading of John the Baptist this retelling aims to challenge the traditional representation of Salome as a seductress – a reputation that has[…]

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BOUND is a thrilling drama about a teenage boy named Derrick who finds himself trapped by responsibilities, torn between the dependency of his family and the loyalty of his friends. Overwhelmed with burden, he is drawn to his best friends who free him from his home and remind him of[…]

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Il Filo D’Arianna

A couple’s date takes them to the depths of a prohibited tunnel. What could go wrong?

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Redaction | Daily Short Picks


In a future where victims of traumatic crimes have the memory of the incident erased like it never happened, one woman struggles for her right to refuse the process.

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