A Reasonable Request

Only one thing stands between Seth and the biggest opportunity of his life. But when that one thing means reconnecting with the deadbeat dad he hasn’t spoken to in years, Seth knows he’s in for a seriously uncomfortable ride. A Reasonable Request stars John Ennis (Mr. Show, Arrested Development), and[…]

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The Obvious Child

Somebody broke the girl’s parents. The rabbit was there when it happened. It was an awful mess. smalltimeinc.com

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Dog Heart

A beautiful young prostitute and an alcoholic discover that passion, money and opportunity are a violent combination. facebook.com/banderanegracine bnegra.com

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Daily Short Picks | EPOH


A story about love and loss. A young couple seeking to recapture the lost magic of their love find themselves on a small sailing boat adrift in the ocean. Soon they will learn about the turnarounds of life and what one can do for survival. Epoh explores the dark sides[…]

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Shot over the course of 2014, on various documentary adventures around the world. Where and to who will life take you? A summer of discovery. Dedicated to my father, the traveler. Shot in the following countries: United States, Israel, Palestine, Turkey, Jordan, Nepal LKFilms.com

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Mannequin | Daily Short Pick


“Mannequin” is a short fantasy adventure fashion film about a mannequin that comes to life and follows a rope on a journey. Hedgehogs abound! mehdinowroozi.com truvelle.com instagram.com/mehdinowroozi

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The Immaculate Reception | Featured Short Film

The Immaculate Reception

Joey, 16, the middle of 3 boys, shy and still very much a kid, wants to grow up and be like his dad and brother, strong charismatic steelworkers. We all have these moments, which of memories will stay imprinted in our minds forever. ‘The Immaculate Reception’ is a about one[…]

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Zuzu’s Compass

Zuzu, in and out of dream, is contacted by the spirit of her childhood dog. noahengel.com facebook.com/noahengelart

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Orbiting Without Sugar

Stuck in an emotionally abusive relationship, Rachel quickly decides she’s through waiting around in a dirty motel for her boyfriend Vince to return. When he finally does, he comes baring big news, large sums of cash and promises of a better future together. Their relationship escalates nearly to its to[…]

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