High and Dry

Starring Ariane Labed (“Before Midnight“, “Attenberg”, “Alps“, “The Lobster“) and Keith Poulson (“Somebody Up There Likes Me“, “Hellaware“, “Listen Up Philip“) + featuring Abbi Jacobson + Ilana Glazer (“Broad City”). tjmisny.com twitter.com/tjmisny

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Plug & Play

Anthropoid creatures with plugs in place of heads are up to mischief. Instead of abandoning oneself to the dictates of the raised finger, they soon submit to themselves. But the fingers also finger around. Is it love? Plug & Play is entirely drawn with my index finger using the integrated[…]

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The Crumb of It

“The Crumb of It” stars Jocelin Donahue (“House of the Devil”) as a struggling comedian dating a rising star pastry chef played by Chioke Nassor (“The Exquisite Corpse Project”), who find that their creative pursuits may sabotage their new relationship. tjmisny.com twitter.com/tjmisny

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I Will Never Run

Ever have the feeling of isolation, repetition and waking up day after day with no end in sight? Having no one to blame for himself, a man alone tries to break this cycle before times runs out. facebook.com/iwillneverrun

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Night Before The Morning Sun

Suzanne is waking up. In the fleeting moments before she forgets her dreams, she searches her subconscious for an answer to the question on the tip of her tongue. But can Suzanne learn to break free of her suspended state of being? kozakfilms.com

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Daily Short Picks | Exile


An art film expressing the mind’s eye of an exile who is haunted by his own inner demons. The clash between miniature terrain and expansive vistas, fleeting motion against stillness, and digital clarity versus aged film all stir together with an unnerving score for this hypnotic inward exploration. johncharter.com paulkaiser.com

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“It ain’t easy, but it’s simple…” wise words from someone so young. But can a new life simply be a bus ride away? A chance bus stop encounter between Karen, a shy, introverted woman and Niki, a loud, over-confident teenage girl takes a deeper turn, when personal secrets are inadvertently[…]

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Year Zero

Humanity enters 500 years of darkness, only the chosen walk the earth. A compilation of my footage during my 30 day visit in Cairo, White Desert & Red Sea. It all starts with a massive sandstorms in Cairo.

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Class A | Daily Short Picks

Class A

‘Class A’ follows Kurtis, a highly intelligent but socially invisible 16 year old who makes money trading bitcoins on the deep web. Allured by the promise of friendship from a rival classmate, he becomes embroiled into the school yard drug empire but not without his own personal struggles. twitter.com/ollie_deacs

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