A young woman moves halfway across the world to escape a dying relationship, only to find much more than she bargained for when a mysterious man enters her life. Catch “Exile” out from June 2015, playing soon at a film festival near you. thisislekker.com twitter.com/thisislekker facebook.com/thisislekker instagram.com/thisislekker

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The Wife, the Thief, & the Demon. CahootsTheFilm.com JordanChesney.com

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Daily Short picks | Only One | Online Premiere

Only One

Unable to deal with life alone, Alex seeks her doppelganger in an attempt to find herself. When she meets Lex, everything seems to be perfect, but what happens when life becomes a little too familiar? facebook.com/onlyonefilm onlyoneshortfilm.com brosisfilms.com

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A Different Kind of Movement | Featured Short Film

A Different Kind of Movement

They hold each other briefly and don’t know quite how to move on from it. Ornana has gotten us used to fast pace and edgy animations over the last few years with their incredibly creative films like ‘Notes on (biology)‘, ‘Through The Sand‘ and their most recent ‘All of Your[…]

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Daily Short Picks | Astraea


A spooky story about the will of life and love collectivevolutionstudios.com facebook.com/pages/Collective-Evolution-Studios twitter.com/ColEvoStudios

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Last Day of Summer

It’s the last day of summer in rural Illinois, 1967. A boy lays on his back alone in the dirt. Trying to catch his breath, sweat rolling down his face, he remembers a recent encounter with two other boys. As the conversation unfolds we slowly realize who we are seeing[…]

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An elderly man discovers a lost mitten and begins a paranoid search for its owner.

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Seine Spur

Andries, a young man of age 24 is trying to figure out what happened in his early years. As a kid he was left alone at an orphanage. After getting a strange letter (showing an old wooden cabin by the sea) with a key in it he starts his journey.[…]

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Holder's Comma | Films de chez nous

Holder’s Comma

Holder’s Comma explores the fragility of a young woman questioning her identity and purpose in a slightly surrealist, romantic and poetic universe where what seems to be in harmony never really is, and ultimately falls apart “What the hell did I just watch? That was absolutely stunning!” Is possibly what[…]

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The Off | Season

After losing his job, a record-holding free agent spirals into obsession to reclaim former glory & return to the NFL. imdb.com/title/tt4290774/

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