Daily Short Picks || Till Death Do Us Part

Till Death Do Us Part

Can you be seduced to kill? This neo-noir thriller explores the cat-and-mouse nature of a secret relationship and stars Girstin Bergquist, Matty Finochio and Tony Okungbowa.

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Trial | Featured Short Film


A pioneering mind transfer procedure offers a quadriplegic soldier the chance of a new life… but at a terrible cost. Mixing science fiction with a mind thriller can always result into an interesting piece. Trial, by The Brothers Lynch, whilst being a standalone short, also works as a teaser for[…]

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The Craftsman

Haunted by the memories of distant battlefields, The Craftsman struggles to reassemble his life. He begins by rebuilding not just his limbs, but his soul. Grasping attention and telling a compelling story in 90 seconds can be an immense challenge. Surely, director Sina Sultani could of progressed the story into[…]

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Roof Story

A gentleman’s suicide attempt takes an unexpected turn when he meets a beggar.

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Daily Short Picks | Ariadne


Rie is leaving her husband Don. Out of desperation, he reveals a terrifying secret. A sick-in-your-stomach drama, inspired by reported events in Sydney, Australia and referencing Bertolucci in it’s cinematography.

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Daily Short Picks | Last Exit

Last Exit

A modern neo-noir thriller about the dangerous exit from a life of crime.

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Seize The Night | Daily Short Picks

Seize The Night

After escaping from a secret government bio-research compound renegade vampire assassin Eva (Emma Dark) is hell bent on revenge. Receiving a tip off from the mysterious Dante (Anthony Ilott, Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort) she meets with arms dealer Joe (Paul Ewen, Cockneys vs Zombies) who informs her that an[…]

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Grand Zero | Daily Short Picks

Grand Zero

It’s not a cult. It’s America. A family man returns to his hometown to discover he’s the last person in town who’s not part of a legendary network marketing pyramid scheme. And everyone– EVERYONE– wants him in.

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El Lienzo | Daily Short Picks

El Lienzo

El Lienzo is a short visual documentary that captures the passions and realities of the deep rooted traditions of Mexico’s ‘Charraeda’ during the month long annual finals for the countries most popular sport.

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