Through all the confusion and obsession that he is passing through, He gets lost between what it’s real and what it’s not. facebook.com/obscureshortfilm imdb.com/title/tt4649744

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After three weeks of hard training the sugar addicted and not so thin astronaut is ready to discover the universe. facebook.com/opendigitaldialogue theodd.hu

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Bruised | Short Trailer


Amelia is a self-employed house cleaner who is struggling with mental instability due to an ongoing work injury. Her body is slowly breaking down. The line between reality and delusion becomes blurry as she descends into a spiral of self medication and alcohol abuse. With nowhere to go and no[…]

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Watch with your bare eyes what you do to yourself everyday. facebook.com/Himselfshortfilm pdawalibi.com

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Daily Short Picks | Detritus


A girl emerges from a lake with a heavy burden to share. twitter.com/Mouettem mouette.co detritusfilm.com

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Optimist, Pessimist, Solipsist

A frustrated receptionist fantasizes about her own funeral. A pyromaniac opens a pizza restaurant after having a conversation with his dead mother. A concert pianist saves the universe from annihilation. willbryanfilms.com facebook.com/wbryanfilms

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A lonely, old man comes across his fathers radio which resurfaces a cherished memory from his youth. codymathiesonpacker.com michaelgauthier.net

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Franky Fingers and The Apartment Upstairs

Franky Fingers & The Apartment Upstairs

The film is a gritty futuristic science-fiction story about Franky, a brute, who’s trying to escape the confines of the concrete jungle, and his violent history. However his employers have other plans for him. facebook.com/frankyfingersthemovie francisleigh.com instagram.com/francis_leigh

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Monsters | Featured Short Film


Jenn lives in an underground bunker with her family, protected from the monsters that now ravage the world. This is the day that she goes outside… Monsters are a real thing in this sharply crafted short film from Steve Desmond, where the premise might sound similar to ‘Blast From The[…]

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The Last Abduction

A writer of sci-fi and fantasy novels believes he’s been abducted and experimented on by extraterrestrial beings. His family, his health, and his career begin to fall apart as he becomes obsessed with obtaining proof that his experiences were real. facebook.com/thelastabduction thelastabduction.com

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