New York New York

New York, New York is a small short film about dreams, hopes and about what truly matters in life: the journey you made and not the destination.

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Shot deep in the mountains at 51,000 ISO, Refuge is the first narrative ever filmed entirely in moonlight. On an off-world biosphere, biological researchers suspect their newly developed ecosystems may be adapting in unexpected ways.

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An ambitious roboticist strives to create a lifelike artificial intelligence.

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Daily Short Picks | Avalanche


It all comes crumbling down as a young archer fights to avoid becoming the person he fears most – his abusive militant father. The film is a contemporary take on how slowly the things we fear most are the things we start to become. Told through the dynamic of a[…]

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Second Thoughts | Featured Short Film

Second Thoughts

A cult leader who gets cold feet when it comes time to fulfill his own prophesy and transcend to the afterlife. Being a cult leader brings on many responsibilities, including following through on your own prophesy. Second Thoughts is the story of a cult leader who gets cold feet when[…]

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Daily Short Picks | Followers


A man escapes from prison and meets a boy who has run away from school.

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Open City: Bad Little Boy

Often left alone due to his struggling mother’s work schedule, Jahlil, a precocious young boy from the Bronx, spends most of his time roaming New York City’s transit system. Using the perks of life underground to his advantage, he soon discovers that the subway is no place for bad little[…]

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Cindy’s New Boyfriend

An actor tries to scare off the new boyfriend of his buddy’s ex-girlfriend by reprising his role as a tough guy in a bad TV movie, but the new boyfriend turns out to be a real mobster, who isn’t easily intimidated… Watch the full film on our Daily Short Picks[…]

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Between Us

In the midst of a passionate affair with a married woman, arts teacher Ariel must choose between sating her sexual desires or living an open life free of broken promises.

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Two brothers struggle to survive a world upended by a parasitic infection which killed many and turned others into crazed savages. Writing, Direction, Cinematography and Music by Colin Rich. Watch the full film

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