Uncanny Valley | Featured Short Film

Uncanny Valley

In the slums of the future, virtual reality junkies satisfy their violent impulses in online entertainment. An expert player discovers that the line between games and reality is starting to fade away. You might remember 3Dar from from the brilliantly colorful short animation ‘Shave It‘ back in 2013. They’ve come[…]

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Daily Short Picks | Him+Her


HIM+HER is a dramatic short film about the beginning and ending of a relationship, told from the perspective of both characters.

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Pareidolia | Daily Short Picks


A man suffering from recurring nightmares reaches out to a friend for help. He believes that he’s being haunted. However, his faltering grip on reality has left him open to an attack. Someone wants what he has…

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Oh Willy | Featured Short Film

Oh Willy

Forced to return to his naturist roots, Willy bungles his way into noble savagery. In an attempt to leave us willyied-out, two animators Marc & Emma capture our heart with this incredibly soft and unconventional stop-motion fill. ‘Oh Willy…’ is a stop motion puppet film animated frame by frame on[…]

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At Ease | Short Film Trailer on Film Shortage

At Ease

Following an absence of three years, an on-leave Marine returns home to make amends with his ex-girlfriend on her wedding day.

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Daily Short Picks | Dreamco


Yekitza The bible tells us that once every seven years, we should release our slaves from bondage. But what if the slaves don’t want to be free?

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ReConception | Daily Short Picks


A hell-bent bunch of boys break into an abandoned cargo trailer. Their conquest is interrupted by the owner of the vehicle’s unexpected return.

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Daily Short Picks | Fortissimo


FORTISSIMO is about an old, washed-up vaudeville mime who struggles for attention until he meets a girl with a magical ability to produce sound with her every touch. Starring the oldest mime in the world (at 86 years old), Richmond Shepard, the film features real archival footage from throughout his[…]

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