Running The Gammatar | Featured Short Film

Running The Gammatar

A group of self-centered 20-somethings trying to navigate their way through relationships in a city that’s under constant attack from a giant, fire-breathing Japanese monster. ‘Running The Gammatar’ is straneously hilarious, having almost an allure of a ‘Seinfeld’ episode mixed with Godzilla, where a self-centered young man tries to navigate[…]

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Green Eyed | Featured Short Film

Green Eyed

In the Summer of 1980 a successful yuppie faces an existential crisis when a Nosferatic ghoul joins his social circle and undermines his social status. Ahh the neons, gotta love a good story that starts off with the neon glows. ‘Green Eyed’ is a film based on strong characters, but[…]

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We Were Not Made For This World

A robot searches for his creator in the desert lands outside his city.

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Sirens || Daily Short Picks


Music, lyrics and stop motion animation weave together to tell an epic story.

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Bag Man | Featured Short Film

Bag Man

The understated story of a 12 year old African American boy, who takes us on an introspective journey out of the city and into the remote countryside of upstate New York. With a mysterious duffle bag in hand, a 12 year old boy journeys from the urban hustle of Harlem,[…]

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Light Motif

Based on Steve Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians-Section II (used by permission of Boosey & Hawkes UK Ltd.), Light Motif explores the possibilities of synergy between image and music through a semi-abstract visual form made of colored lights and geometric shapes, in the cinematic tradition of Oskar Fischinger and visual[…]

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Renegade | Featured Short Film


Renegade is an homage to the 1940’s American pulp magazines. The whole thing is just a bunch of renegade humorous fun condensed into 3 short minutes. The film is an homage to the 1940’s American pulp magazines, like Thrilling Wonder Stories, Terror Tales and Thrilling Mysterys. These magazines featured cover[…]

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We Are All Mad Here

Nick Fouquet plays the Madhatter. He’s alive and kicking in Venice Beach, California.

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The denizens of Crowded amble through their ever-expanding habitat seemingly oblivious to their mutating landscape – while the voyeur sits back and inhales the swarming scenery. The convivial tone veils the dystopian message of the narrative. Cranes, trains and automobiles instil a sense of constant industry – as the populous[…]

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