Bag Man | Featured Short Film

Bag Man

The understated story of a 12 year old African American boy, who takes us on an introspective journey out of the city and into the remote countryside of upstate New York. With a mysterious duffle bag in hand, a 12 year old boy journeys from the urban hustle of Harlem,[…]

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Light Motif

Based on Steve Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians-Section II (used by permission of Boosey & Hawkes UK Ltd.), Light Motif explores the possibilities of synergy between image and music through a semi-abstract visual form made of colored lights and geometric shapes, in the cinematic tradition of Oskar Fischinger and visual[…]

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Renegade | Featured Short Film


Renegade is an homage to the 1940’s American pulp magazines. The whole thing is just a bunch of renegade humorous fun condensed into 3 short minutes. The film is an homage to the 1940’s American pulp magazines, like Thrilling Wonder Stories, Terror Tales and Thrilling Mysterys. These magazines featured cover[…]

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We Are All Mad Here

Nick Fouquet plays the Madhatter. He’s alive and kicking in Venice Beach, California.

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The denizens of Crowded amble through their ever-expanding habitat seemingly oblivious to their mutating landscape – while the voyeur sits back and inhales the swarming scenery. The convivial tone veils the dystopian message of the narrative. Cranes, trains and automobiles instil a sense of constant industry – as the populous[…]

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Time Travel Lover | Featured Short Film

Time Travel Lover

He was his own worst enemies. If you just watched Interstellar, this might bring your reality sensors of what time travel might be back to normal. In fact we’re almost 100% certain that this is what would happen if some dude got his hands on a time traveling machine. ‘Time[…]

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Mouse-X | Featured Short Film


A man trapped in a building with a thousand clones of himself, begs the question ‘Who are you, if you’re not the only you?’ Brace yourself, Mouse-X is about to vigorously blow your mind, or at least attempt to bend it a little. In a narrative that has the main[…]

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Looms | Featured Short Film


Alone, without an heir to pass his family legacy, an againg farmer deliberates the purpose of his life. Honored by their family’s heritage, the Funk brothers were inspired to make a film that communicates the struggling spirit of a vanishing breed: The independent farmer. With so many inspirations, the film[…]

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Snooze Time | Featured Short Film

Snooze Time

As Evie struggles with the weird and wonderful effects of time on her life and relationships, it becomes clear that time is playing its most annoying trick of all: it’s running out. We all try to make sense of time in our lives, until we just give up and let[…]

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The Offering | Featured Short Film

The Offering

A father and son travel deep into the woods to make an offering to a mysterious force. Mysterious, dark and utterly cruel, ‘The Offering’ is a perfect suspense thriller for a Halloween Eve. With a simple premise that can be explored to so many realms, Ryan Patch’s film did actually[…]

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