Kong's || Featured Short Film


A low level criminal makes a bad decision leading to serious consequences. Kong’s is a short film built on brute emotion by filmmaker Ian Schiller, who used his home town of Santa Cruz, California, as a backbone to his storyline. Santa Cruz is a town where the tech billions of[…]

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Big Criminals || Daily Short Picks

Big Criminals

Rory & Cleo are about to commit armed robbery, but there’s a problem – someone forgot the ski-mask.

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The Pale Moonlight | Daily Short Picks

The Pale Moonlight

Set in a dystopian future where the world is dying from a crippling disease, a mysterious figure visits an illegal drug den in the hope of sourcing a rumoured cure, but unwittingly gets caught up in a robbery that could threaten his chances of making it back out alive…

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Times Like Dying || Daily short Picks

Times Like Dying

Three brothers rob a bank in the post civil war south. Exhausted and on the run they unwittingly find their only shelter at the small farmhouse of a sickly US Marshal. Tensions escalate and lives are lost as greed, lust and malice squander any chance of a clean getaway in[…]

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Young Americans | Featured Short Film

Young Americans

17 year old Mercedes needs cash and she needs it now, so she recruits a former high school classmate with a massive crush on her to help her rob a bank. Young Americans is a classic tale of the young American teenage runaway, but at its core it is about[…]

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The Hold Up

Leading up to their big bank robbery, four aspiring criminals discover that they have wildly conflicting, ludicrous opinions on how it should go down. facebook.com/TheHoldUpShortFilm Struan Sutherland Twitter.com/ThirstyMelon • bloodthirstymelonproductions.com André Pettigrew Twitter.com/apetygrw • foglightproductions.com

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The 10AM

THE 10AM is the coming age story of Junior who is asked by his father to take a more active role in the family run, home improvement business. the10amfilm.blogspot.co.uk

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N. King

Kalany is hesitant; about to go on his first hold up driven by money, and the search for his place in life. His worst fears are realized when things don’t go according to plan. North King Street runs through Kalihi, a rough neighborhood in Honolulu, far from the tourist spots[…]

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Ticket To Ride

What happens when a store clerk and his show cat get in between two best friends and a 70 million dollar lottery ticket? Filmmakers Matt Allen & Travis Hicks answers that question by taking you on a wild ride highlighting what can happen when two middle-aged men plot revenge on[…]

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