Breaking The Scene: Embers & Dust

Breaking The Scene: Embers & Dust – Musicbed’s 2016 Initiative Winner

Guest Post provided by There are plenty of filmmakers exploring the burred line between fiction and reality, but far fewer explore a much more interesting phenomenon: fiction that creates reality. The most iconic example being Orson Welles’ 1938 radio broadcast, “War of the Worlds,” which became instantly legendary for[…]

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Get a chance to direct Maggie Gyllenhaal in your next short film

Cast Maggie Gyllenhaal in Your Next Short Film

The Jameson First Shot is looking for 3 new directors to shoot with Maggie Gyllenhaal for their 2016 edition, a once in a lifetime opportunity The Jameson First Shot is the brain child of Kevin Spacey & Trigger Street Productions (House of Cards, The Social Network) to create a platform[…]

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The Importance of a Script Editor

The Importance of Having A Script Editor

by Richard Hammond While reviewing the latest scripts and short films sent in to The Talent Bank it got me to thinking about the important role of the script editor on TV and film projects which have the required budget and I decided to delve into this a little deeper.[…]

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Keep Calm Call the Production Manager

Save Your Film: The Benefit of Having of a Production Manager

Written by Branden Scott Stewart Creating your own film can be hard. You’ve got a lot to do; chances are you’re writing it, directing it an producing it. That’s a lot of work. Hiring a Production Manager can make your life so much easier, and your film so much more successful.[…]

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Man | Featured Short Film


On the verge of forced retirement, a worn-out, ageing shearer, who once rained king of the high country, gets on the gear to keep up his numbers. When watching ‘Man’ we quickly grasp the overall production value of the film, where the attention to detail are subtly strutted through. The[…]

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YouTube or Vimeo? Which is best for your Short Film?

YouTube or Vimeo

Note: This post was originally published in November 2012 and has been revised and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness. So you created your short film, finished your post production, and you are now ready to post your film online. But where do you upload it? Some might say it’s easy,[…]

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After The Rain - VFX Breakdown

Creating Rain: Visual Effects Breakdown

Watch the full short: After The Rain After The Rain was a project that spanned over 11 years because of its production complexity. For 10 of those years it sat on the shelf as just an idea and an incomplete script. But in 2010 after purchasing After Effects CS5 (an[…]

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Uma Thurman

Get a Chance to Direct Uma Thurman In Your Own Short Film

Young up-and-coming filmmakers always dream of being able to have access to a big movie star for their short film, and for the third straight year, Kevin Spacey and his production company Trigger Street Productions in association with Jameson Whiskey will bring this unique opportunity to three lucky filmmakers. Are[…]

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Shoulder Rig

A Back To Basics Guide To Using A Shoulder Rig

As a vital piece of filmmaking equipment, anybody who is seriously thinking about directing a film should first learn how to properly use a shoulder rig. Whilst shaky-cam and found footage films may have their moment, when it comes to effectively capturing clear and stable point voyeuristic shots whilst on[…]

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Breathtaking shots

The Short Guide to Making an Awesome Short Film – Step 3: Production

Part 1. Script Writing: Have a good story to tell Part 2.1. Pre-Production: Be ready! Part 2.2. Pre-Production: Keep on preparing! Part 3. Production: Are you ready? Part 4. Post-Production: The fun part! Part 5. Release and Promotion Part 3: Lights, Camera & Action! So it’s almost Day 1 of[…]

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