No Love For Fuckboys || Daily Short Picks

No Love For Fuckboys

A portrait of a sexual assault survivor’s journey through love, sex, violence, and hope post-assault. Director’s Notes Living 8 months in Maryland catapulted me through a multitude of experiences that have kicked me into high-gear with growing up and moving forward. When I was in Maryland I dealt with a[…]

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Spin Dreams || Featured Short Film

Spin Dreams

Moving portrait of a competitive pole dancer. While Francesco continuously keeps impressing us with his stylish film – see previous features ‘I Killer’(Top 10 2013), ‘The Shift’ and ‘Lovely Monster’ – he moves towards a visual documenting portrait in Spin Dreams. The story takes on a dramatic storytelling approach which[…]

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To Speak of Ourselves || Daily Short Picks

To Speak of Ourselves

A short documentary portrait showing a diverse group of teenagers, post-election. Giving voice and visibility to those who were too young to vote.

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Meat The Leekes

Meat the Leekes discusses themes of isolation, despair, pressure, and mental illness. It is a tense and uncomfortable portrait of an idyllic and aspirational family life gone stale, and the now vacuous and toxic relationships that remain within. It’s commonplace that the families we grow up with, the people we[…]

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A raw, unsettling portrait of a young woman’s desperation for empathy.

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A Portrait of Wild | Daily Short Picks

A Portrait of Wild

This is a film about love and the impact that a legacy left behind has on ones youth. Behind The Scenes

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Where Do We Go From Here | Short Trailer

Where Do We Go From Here

‘Where Do We Go From Here’ is a portrait of youth in mourning. We follow seventeen-year-old Elliot as he struggles to understand the sudden death of his older brother, Tyler. Flanked by his older sister and Tyler’s girlfriend, Elliot searches for peace in the music Tyler left behind.

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Before The Night

‘Before The Night’ is a short film about life, loss and loneliness. It’s a portrait of George, an elderly man who has been recently widowed, struggling to carry on his life with any sense of purpose, and trying to fill the void that the death of his wife has left.[…]

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A journey of obsession and metamorphosis. An artist searches for his own self-image through portrait.

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