Pianoid // Daily Short Picks


‘Pianoid’ is about a talented, but narcissistic e-pianist who is craving for appreciation and gets driven insane by the sudden fame of his pet rabbit.

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Gremlins: Recall // Featured Short Film

Gremlins: Recall

A company, The Wing Corporation, has developed a medicine that allows Mogwai to be sold as family pets. It doesn’t go well. For most 80’s and 90’s kids, nothing yells out Christmas spirit like a good Die Hard or the Gremlins movies. Luckily this year, director Ryan Patrick decided to[…]

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N6-4Q: Born Free || Daily Short Picks

N6-4Q: Born Free

After spending almost half a century in Los Angeles, originally in search of revolution, ultimately the owner of a pet fish store, Kyoto is forced by financial situations and health issues to return to his home country, Japan.

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Scratches in The Dark || Daily Short Picks

Scratches in The Dark

In the dark of the night a young woman heads to her bedroom, her only companion is her beloved cat. The night is still, they are alone with only the sounds of claws scratching on wood. But are they ever truly alone as the Scratches in the Dark continue.

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The Hamster | Daily Short Picks

The Hamster

The Hamster is a comedy about a young girl’s first experience with death.

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Blue-Eyed Me | Featured Short Film

Blue-Eyed Me

This is the world of the 99-cent lifeform. Like a social media profile or an online shopping list tailored to our hobbies, we collect genetically modified pets, engineered to look like their owners. Welcome to the world of the 99 cent life form. Alexey Marfin brings us to a nearby[…]

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Pet World | Daily Short Picks

Pet World

The suspicious death of a pet snake puts a chokehold on a loving father. Part character drama, part black comedy, Pet World tells the story of an atypical suburban family struggling with loss and finding their togetherness.

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A story of a childless elderly couple having to confront their love, life and relationship all alone after they lose their last and most beloved pet dog Lucy…a day that will test their feelings but also lead them to the most wonderful realisation… facebook.com/lucyshortfilm2015 imdb.com/title/tt5057392

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Zari | Featured Short Film


An aging and seemingly limited household robot attempts to communicate with the family dog. It seems that having robotic household companions is an inevitable thought when we ponder about the future. Of course this generates some science fiction and filmmaker interest, and we’ve seen our fair share of shorts with[…]

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Fish Friend

You never forget your first pet: this is the lesson ten-year-old Sally learns when she discovers, the hard way, that her new goldfish is actually a bloodthirsty piranha. As Sally and her fish friend forge a lasting relationship, the carnivorous pet wreaks havoc on an unsuspecting neighborhood.

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