One Day I'll Become.. // Daily Short Picks

One day I’ll become…

Galactic war, from the perspective of a little boy on a poor desert planet. He is having nightmares and visions about the future and he wants to become a Jedi knight. But the war is coming and Imperium is looking for gifted children. Time is up. Which side will he[…]

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The Love // Daily Short Picks

The Love

The story of a series of encounters between two strangers told from two very different perspectives. Director’s Statement “The Love” is essentially a film about the meaning we assign to chance encounters: is it fate, coincidence, or something else? The film requires the audience to get lost in the two[…]

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Blind Arcade || Daily Short Picks

Blind Arcade

Blind Arcade explores the difference in perspective between a man and a woman at the end of a relationship.

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The Promise || Crowdfunding Campaign We Dig

The Promise

The Promise follows the newly engaged Carl and Jillian as they embark on a romantic picnic in the wilderness. When the couple is kidnapped, perspective becomes everything. The Promise is an intense, dark comedy/thriller that is inspired by true events. We love combining comedy with other genres to make the[…]

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P A – Laguerta

For their 5th music video published in 2016, the french band PA worked with Laure Atanasyan on their electro-pop track “Laguerta”. Since january 2016, PA releases one auto-produced music video per month. This month, PA comes back with a first collaboration directed by Laure Atanasyan. Same story shown from different[…]

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Daily Short Picks | Him+Her


HIM+HER is a dramatic short film about the beginning and ending of a relationship, told from the perspective of both characters.

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Daily Short Picks | I Don't Care

I Don’t Care

A ‘mother to be’ faces the high possibility of having a child with Down’s Syndrome and befriends a family who share their experiences and guide her towards a different perspective.

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Must Feed and Water on our Crowdfunding Picks

Must Feed and Water – A Love Monster Story

The tale of a little monster that is bound to the force that created him … Love. A simple story, told from a different perspective. Imagine love is a little monster that follows you and your loved one everywhere you go. Imagine this creature’s survival is tied to the way[…]

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