The Bridge Partner || Featured Short Film

The Bridge Partner

A timid housewife is jolted into a fight for her survival or sanity at her weekly bridge club when she thinks she hears her new partner utter a threat. Gabriel Olson takes us on a mysterious ride through the elderly clubs of tea and bridge playing, where mysteries usually don’t[…]

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Alone | Daily Short Picks


Nina is caught between two realities, one defined by the oppressive care of her partner, the other, a way out offered by a mysterious young woman. A haunting story of one woman’s attempt to gain freedom and live as her true self no matter what the cost. Alone is a[…]

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Daily Short Picks || Dancer


“DANCER”- a lonely LA commuter finds an unlikely partner to help him with his most unusual sexual preoccupation.

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Daily Short Picks | Entanglement


Keith and Felicia, a researcher and an eccentric scientist, form a partnership which leads them into a dangerous relationship. When Felicia invents a machine that has the potential to change the world, the couple is at odds on how to release their discovery. The powerful corporation that funded the project[…]

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Daily Short Picks | Share


In a near future, romantic partners John and Abby hit the point in their relationship where they must decide whether or not to take it to the next level – in this case whether or not to use a technology that allows them to share their entire life histories with[…]

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Lena’s Complicated Machine

Three years after her partner’s untimely death, Dr. Lena Thierry, a neuroengineer, has been unable to move on. After years of research and development, she attempts to upload his consciousness into a computer software program. Watch the full film featured on Film Shortage

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