The Art of The Short Film Title

The Art of The Short Title

Our friends over at The Art of The Title have been inspiring us for years with incredible in-depth interviews of some of our favorite title sequences in film and TV shows. I think that we can all agree that a film’s title sequence will not make or break the film[…]

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Acting In Short: Julian Casey - Modern Artist

Acting in Short: Julian Casey

You might remember Julian in ‘Death by Chocolate‘ by Dimitri Gochgarian, featured on Film Shortage back in 2015. Part of a new series called Modern Artists by Dimitri, episode 2 focuses on actor Julian Casey who tells us about the art of acting. Modern Artists – Episode 2: Julian Casey[…]

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Commute || Daily Short Picks


An every day commute gone very weird. This is an animated music video for the song “Commute” from the album “Show me the blueprints” by Seymour’s fat lady. Available to download at alternatively visit the website

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The 10 Best Movie Trailer Music Moments

The 10 Best Movie Trailer Music Moments

Watching movie previews can sometimes be more entertaining than the original movie you came to see. Effective movie trailers get audiences excited about the plot without giving away too many surprises. The greatest movie trailers do that and more with stunning images, memorable dialogue, and music that brings it all[…]

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This documentary is a question. A conversation starter. It’s an examination of the reasons we create and the things that drive us to make something new — passion or success.

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Behaviors - Demystify My Love

Behaviors – Demystify My Love

If ‘Beauty & the Beast’, ‘Karate Kid’, and ‘Deuce Bigalow’ had an orgy and created a super creepy music video-child… this would be it.

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Oracle | Short Film Trailer


A massive collection of antique radios is the frequency through with a man revisits his past and faces the music.

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