The Golden Shore // Daily Short Picks

The Golden Shore

A retired professor receives a visit from the representative of a new military-driven government, enquiring about a poem he’d written in his youth.

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Birthday || Featured Short Film


When a young military wife gets news that her Marine husband has been severely wounded in combat, she discovers that their life ahead is going to be an overwhelming – yet amazing – journey. We receive many emotionally driven films that hit a soft spot in our hearts, but it’s[…]

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Fragment | Daily Short Picks


An Air Force jet breaks up over the desert. A mysterious radio beacon draws the pilot from the crash site. A discovery is waiting. And it is not of this Earth.

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LIQUIFY follows the story of Cyra, a college student who uncovers a conspiracy behind the California drought and ends up at a bar in the middle of rural central coast, where a bunch of military veterans decide to take on one more mission and help her.

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After The Fray | Daily Short Picks

After The Fray

Post-Apocalyptic drama, shot in one continuous take. Starring Brian McCardie (Filth, The Damned United, Rob Roy) and Kim Vithana (Law & Order: UK, Waking the Dead) After the Fray is set in the not so distant future and focuses on a military veteran recounting his experiences on the front lines[…]

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Elvis Was Here

What happens when a group of people gather to go back in time to when Elvis Aaron Presley took up his military service in Bad Nauheim, Germany in 1958? Since 2002 this little town – Elvis’s European Home – honors him by hosting the European Elvis Festival. During this special[…]

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Arene | Daily Short Picks


A young woman finds herself captured onboard a military aircraft. The soldiers don’t think much of her, until their commander confirms her identity and all hell breaks loose.

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Daily Short Picks | Weekend Warriors

Weekend Warriors

A laid back weekend in the Canadian part-time army turns serious when 3 cowardly soldiers receive an urgent distress call. Weekend Warriors is a military farce that mixes elements of comedy, drama, suspense, horror & psychological thriller. Imagine a Wes Anderson or Flight of the Conchords approach to the Canadian[…]

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Daily Short Picks | Avalanche


It all comes crumbling down as a young archer fights to avoid becoming the person he fears most – his abusive militant father. The film is a contemporary take on how slowly the things we fear most are the things we start to become. Told through the dynamic of a[…]

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Four Thousand Mile Stare

Four Thousand Mile Stare is a shortfilm project about the struggles of a drone operator who can’t deal with the pictures he has to see every day.

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