Dark Wake // Featured Short Film

Dark Wake

A lonely recluse lives a recurring nightmare – he is trapped in a cycle where large demonic creatures devour him over and over again. In the wake of Halloween and a the revival of some awesome monster movies and shows, Abdul Ali brings us a terrifying nightmare from a lonely[…]

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3 Men || Daily Short Picks

3 Men

3 men is a Scifi Mobius Story. 3 Men in a room during a timeless day try to write a loop story. Produced in Shanghai China.

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The Redemption Act || Daily Short Picks

The Redemption Act

A young couple’s relationship falls apart, revealing the strange, harsh truth behind what’s been happening to them.

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Woods || Daily Short Picks


A cyclical revenge narrative with the look and feel of a fashion film. Featuring two girls trapped in a never ending cycle of revenge.

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Full Circle || Daily Short Picks

Full Circle

Full Circle is a psychological drama that investigates the downward spiral of greed. In the depth of a sleeping city, we find a breathless man running from something. Unknown to him, another man follows.

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Timelike | Featured Short Film


In 1993, Madeline and her boyfriend are enjoying a quiet evening at home when they are interrupted by a visit from a stranger bearing a message from Madeline’s future self. Timelike is a time travel film like you’ve never seen before, and taking the found-footage film genre to a new[…]

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Two robots are stuck in an infinite loop. facebook.com/brokentoastertv twitter.com/brokentoastertv

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Rotor | Featured Short Film


A lone night security guard in an eerie factory sees an intruder on one of the monitors and goes to investigate. The infinite loop. A theme that recurs quite often in short films, and the reason might be a very subconscious one, led by our routinely lives and perhaps driven[…]

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Mouse-X | Featured Short Film


A man trapped in a building with a thousand clones of himself, begs the question ‘Who are you, if you’re not the only you?’ Brace yourself, Mouse-X is about to vigorously blow your mind, or at least attempt to bend it a little. In a narrative that has the main[…]

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A Truncated Story of Infinity

A Truncated Story of Infinity

A look at the infinite possibilities within the everyday. Every day we make thousands of little choices that can influence the outcome of your day, and each one of those choice has an infinite array of opposite possibilities. ‘A Truncated Story of Infinity’ is Paul Trillo‘s attempt to bedazzle us[…]

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