Never Happened || Featured Short Film

Never Happened

When colleagues Laura and Grady have an impulsive fling on a business trip, they decide it might be for the best if it all just never happened. Spearing us of any laser guns and an abundance of flying drones, ‘Never Happened’ takes a more sensual and human approach to the[…]

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How Shield5 Is Starting a New Game

How The Instagram Series Shield5 Is Starting a New Game

A new wave of cinema is hitting the internet, more specifically the handheld internet. In case you have been off the planet this past week, the thing everyone has been talking about (besides gravity waves) is the new scripted series ‘Shield5‘, and oh yeah, it’s only broadcasted on Instagram! The[…]

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Therefore I Am | Featured Short Film

Therefore I Am

A mysterious encounter between a man who claims to be from the future and the man that he claims is his former self. Raffling a tremendous success with their previous short film ‘The Grey Matter‘ premiered and featured on Film Shortage, the McCoubrey brothers decided to ride the momentum to[…]

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